Baby powder bubble dust


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💥5 Days 5 Dust Is Back 💥
Every so often, we launch our 5 days 5 dust campaign & today is the third day of our 2021 campaign.
Baby powder is today’s special 
When one product changes your life ....... bubble dust has certainly changed mine 💖
I cannot take a bath without some when I do have to (I get moody 😫 I’ll admit it) .......I work with it everyday, day in & day out I should be absolutely sick to the back teeth of it seeming as our team makes thousands of bags every month but I just can’t get enough. 

It seems as though you can’t either as its popularity just grows & grows.
If your on this page as a new customer & haven’t tried it yet then I can’t quite explain what you're missing out on but approach with caution as your about to become hooked. 
Enriched with nourishing coconut and luscious scent your skin will feel silky smooth & soft, your bath will be bright & beautiful and your moment of escapism will begin the moment you step into the bath, you’ll be taken away to destination heaven..... it might last 1 hour or 1 minute until it’s disrupted by something or someone but that moment will be so precious 💖
Each bag contains a minimum of 380g