Our Story So Far....

roviding a moment of escapism in a demanding & stressful world is what we set out to achieve and every day it seems like we (me & my team) get closer to that vision. The journey we have all been on whilst building the brand of Tranquility has been a story in itself, there's been blood, sweat, tears, celebrations and a few more tears too, it has been my 4th child from moulding a bath bomb on my kitchen worktop to now having a team moulding thousands every week.

Our vision is simple, we want to touch as many people as possible in the most positive way possible, we want to give people a moment of escapism in a hectic & stressful world. We want to be with them at that moment as that moment can sometimes mean the difference between a good day and a bad day.

Week on week we are growing, we've had a few setbacks but everybody that works with Tranquility embraces what we stand for and in the moments of difficulty we have all pulled together and are now better for it 💖

With the help of an amazing sales representative team, we are now well on our way to our dream coming true